MT-09, king of torque

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MT-09, king of torque

Apreslachute – MT -09 is one of the motorcycles manufactured by the Yamaha manufacturer and is one of the mainstays of Yamaha in the nude version of the motorsport segment. Yamaha is confident in the manufacture of this motorcycle because there are spare parts or benefits that divers deserve from competitors. One of them is the great torque that this motorcycle brought in. Although there are several competitors in the same segment that have a higher cube, this car is still the target for car lovers. Besides, what is the connection between MT -09 and a chassis dynamometer?

It only took a moment to adjust to the Yamaha MT-09. After that, you will enjoy this naked bike like riding a sports motorcycle with a small engine capacity. That was the impression when I first drove this Rp 250 million motorsport. Did not think it was so easy to drive a motorcycle with a pure engine capacity of 847 cc. The curve of the MT-09 is made firm and sturdy at the front. Start from a tank and robe full of curves that impress the muscles. The shape of the headlight is quite small, although the light is very bright at night and the stern is thin and slender.

MT -09 is a naked car with an 847 cc cube with a 3-cylinder crossover engine that can deliver a maximum power of 113.4 hp at 10,000 rpm and a torque of 87. At 8500 rpm. With this performance, this car only takes 3-4 seconds to cover a distance of 0-100 meters. The fuel injection system is used in the fuel supply. Manual transmission with 6 gears with multi-wet clutch, auxiliary and slipper clutch. For handling, this vehicle uses a 41 mm upside down suspension with fully adjustable adjustments, with the settings divided into compression damping on the right shock and rebound damping on the left shock, resulting in excellent handling at turns and high speeds.

The MT -09 already uses a quick shift system and a torque assist switch that makes changing each tooth more smooth and responsive. In addition, it is also equipped with an ECS (electronic control system) that adapts to the road conditions, and is also equipped with a driving mode to give drivers the desired power character. The management mode has three options (mode A, Standard and B). In the driving safety system, the MT -09 is equipped with a traction control system and an ABS braking system.

This motorcycle is continued in a stylish and dynamic body, and coupled to a headlight model that uses Twin LED headlights, so that it contributes the hyper- or gloomy impression that matches the character of this car engine.

To deliver performance from the MT -09, innovation, development, research, and so on, of course, is needed so that this motorcycle is created as a car with high performance, especially in the torque department. To find out the power and torque described above, there is of course a real test, because it requires proof. And a test tool to determine the performance of this car can be seen with a Chassis Dynamometer. Chassis dynamometer is a test tool used to determine the power or increased performance of a vehicle.